5 best cricket helmets under 1000

Cricket is a sport in which protection is the most important aspect, mainly on the subject of protecting your head. Whether dealing with fast bowlers or fielding near the batsman, a good cricket helmet can make all the difference. However, quality often comes at a charge. If you’re in a price range, finding dependable cricket helmets under 1000 would possibly seem tough. Fear now not, as we have created a list of five high-quality cricket helmets under 1000 that provide both safety and style without breaking your financial streak.

1. SG Optipro Cricket Helmets Under 1000

SG Optipro Cricket HelmetPrice: ₹900

The SG Optipro Cricket Helmet is a superb choice for those seeking out a dependable and low-cost helmet. SG, a renowned name in cricket equipment, ensures that its helmets offer super safety without compromising on consolation.

Material: The helmet is made from excellent, impact-resistant polycarbonate cloth, ensuring durability.

Padding: It features thick, surprise-absorbent padding internally to cushion any impact.

Grill: The adjustable steel grill protects the face without obstructing vision.

Ventilation: Multiple air vents keep the head cool and decrease sweat buildup.

Fit: Adjustable straps ensure cushy and secure health.

This helmet is perfect for novices and casual players who need dependable protection at an affordable charge.

2. BDM Titanium Cricket Helmet Under 1000

BDM Titanium Cricket HelmetPrice: ₹950

BDM is every other trusted brand in cricket, recognized for its brilliant equipment. The BDM Titanium Cricket Helmet combines sturdy safety with consolation, making it an extremely good desire for players on finances.

Material: Constructed from long-lasting polypropylene, this helmet can resist excessive-impact collisions.

Padding: High-density foam padding offers superior shock absorption and luxury.

Grill: The titanium-covered metallic grill is adjustable and affords awesome facial protection.

Ventilation: Strategically positioned vents ensure gold-standard airflow, maintaining the participant cool.

Fit: The helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap for a custom-designed suit.

The BDM Titanium Cricket Helmet is ideal for younger cricketers and amateurs looking for a robust and comfortable helmet under ₹1000.

3. Kookaburra Pro 600 Helmets Under 1000

Kookaburra Pro 600 HelmetsPrice: ₹990

Kookaburra’s Pro 600 Helmet is just another example of their excellent cricket equipment. Because of this helmet’s outstanding safety and style, cost-conscious cricket players have been known to select it.

Material: The outer shell is fabricated from high-effect resistant plastic, ensuring durability.

Padding: Soft, impact-absorbing foam padding internally offers comfort and safety.

Grill: A metallic grill with an adjustable design guarantees most face protection.

Ventilation: The helmet is designed with multiple vents to beautify breathability.

Fit: An adjustable chin strap and a rear adjustment mechanism allow for a perfect shape.

The Kookaburra Pro six hundred Helmets are suitable for both exercise periods and competitive matches, offering outstanding fees for cash.

4. Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 Helmet

Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 HelmetPrice: ₹999

In the cricket industry, Shrey is a well-known brand. Their Master class Air 2.0 Helmet is made to offer excellent protection and luxury without going over budget.

Material: The polycarbonate outer shell of the helmet is strong and lightweight.

Padding: Dual-layered, shock-absorbent foam padding guarantees maximum comfort and safety.

Grill: An adjustable chrome steel grill affords robust facial safety.

Ventilation: Enhanced airflow via strategically placed vents maintains the head cool.

Fit: Adjustable straps and a rear adjustment dial ensure stable and customized health.

The Shrey Master class Air 2.0 Helmet is ideal for gamers who prioritize protection and luxury at the same time as staying within budget.

5. Cosco Ballistic Cricket Helmet Under 1000

Cosco Ballistic Cricket HelmetPrice: ₹850

Cosco, a famous sports equipment brand, gives the Ballistic Cricket Helmet, which mixes affordability with dependable protection, making it a high-quality desire for beginners and informal gamers.

Material: The helmet is crafted from the best materials, effect-resistant plastic.

Padding: Thick, cushy padding inside absorbs shocks and affects successfully.

Grill: The metallic grill is adjustable and designed to shield the face without hindering visibility.

Ventilation: Adequate airflow ensures the player remains cool and snug at some point of play.

Fit: Adjustable straps are the best features of this brand.

The Cosco Ballistic Cricket Helmet is a perfect choice for new players. This brand provides cricket equipment at cheap prices.

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Safety should never be compromised, especially in a game like cricket, where head injuries can be intense. Thankfully, there are numerous price range-friendly alternatives available that provide cricket helmets under 1000. The SG Optipro, BDM Titanium, Kookaburra Pro 600, Shrey Master class Air 2.0, and Cosco Ballistic helmets all offer complete safety, consolation, and affordability, making them high-quality cricket helmets under 1000.

When selecting a helmet, constantly ensure it fits properly, gives ok airflow, and has a robust, impact-resistant construct. Remember, the proper helmet can appreciably mitigate the risk of damage and can help you a lot in taking part in the sport.


1. Which helmet is safe in India?

It’s important to consider brands and models that fulfill international safety standards and have received positive reviews for their protective properties while choosing a safe cricket helmet in India. Masuri Vision series and SG Optipro are considered the best series of cricket helmets in India.

2. Are Masuri helmets good?

Yes, Masuri cricket helmets are the best and safest option for cricket players. Because of its superior design and cutting-edge safety features.

3. Which is better,  Shrey or Masuri?

Choosing between Shrey and Masuri helmets can be challenging as both brands are highly regarded for their quality, safety, and comfort. So, it’s up to you, which is best according to your budget.

4. Are Titanium cricket helmets worth it?

Titanium cricket helmets can be worth the investment for several reasons, particularly if you are looking for the best protection and performance.

5. Which batsman never wore a helmet?

Sir Vivian Richards, a cricket player for the West Indie cricket team, is well known for never wearing a helmet during his cricket journey. His cricket career began in 1974 and lasted until 1999.

6. Can you bat without a helmet?

Per safety rules and regulations, players must wear a cricket helmet while batting.


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