Stunning Cricket Shoes Under 500 – Recommended By Experts

Cricket is more than only a sport; it is an ardor that unites hundreds of thousands. As any cricketer knows, the proper equipment is vital for the most beneficial overall performance on the field. Among the key pieces of the device, cricket shoes play a crucial function, presenting the essential help, grip, and comfort to enhance a participant’s performance. Finding awesome cricket shoes under 500 can be challenging, but I understand your concern.

In this article, I have gathered expert tips for the best cricket shoes under 500 Indian rupees. These alternatives are based on some factors including sturdiness, consolation, grip, and average performance. Whether you are a budding cricketer or looking for dependable footwear for informal play, our created list will assist you in discovering the best shoes without breaking the financial streak. Let’s step up your recreation with these beautiful cricket shoes under 500 that combine affordability and excellence, ensuring you stay in advance on the cricket field.

Importance Of The Right Cricket Shoes:-

Before diving into the guidelines, it’s essential to understand why investing in the best cricket footwear is important. Cricket includes a lot of going for walks, sudden stops, and short directional modifications. Bad-quality shoes can cause pain, loss of proper grip, or even injuries. Hence, the right pair of cricket footwear can enhance performance, prevent injuries, increase the comfort of the players, and perform well on the cricket field.

What To Look For In Cricket Shoes Under 500:-

When you purchase cricket shoes of fewer than 500 please keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Grip: You can purchase shoes with good quality outsoles that provide excellent grip on the pitch to the players.
  2. Comfort and fit: Make sure your shoes are comfortable and fit well, as poor-quality shoes can cause burns and discomfort.
  3. Durability: Even inside a price range, you want footwear so that it will last. Check for first-class materials and top creations.
  4. Breathability: You should ensure that shoes have a proper ventilation system, which prevents excessive sweat and keeps your feet cool.


Here Are 4 Cricket Shoes Under 500, Which Experts recommend:


1. Vector X Blast Cricket Shoes under 500:-

Vector X is known for producing affordable yet dependable sports activities gear, and their Dynamic Cricket Shoes are not an exception. These shoes are designed with a non-marking rubber sole that provides incredible grip and stability. The synthetic top ensures sturdiness, whilst the cushioned internal lining adds to the overall consolation. These footwear are best for beginner to intermediate gamers seeking out cost for money.


    • Lightweight designVector X Blast Cricket Shoes
    • High traction
    • Breathable upper
    • Cushioned Ankle
    • Padded Footbed
    • Textured Sole
    • Price 499 rupees
  1. Nivia PVC cricket shoes:

The Nivia PVC Cricket Shoes are a famous preference among economically privileged cricketers. These shoes feature a durable PVC sole, which offers the best traction on various surfaces. The upper cloth of these shoes is designed to offer good enough ventilation, making sure you are comfortable for long hours on the cricket pitch. The footwear additionally includes a padded ankle collar and cushioned insole for delivering comfort to the players.

Advantages:Nivia PVC cricket shoes

    • Affordable
    • Good grip and traction
    • Comfortable and well-ventilated
    • Made from temperature resistance materials
    • Price 599
  1. Gowin green–white cricket shoes:

Gowin is another reputable brand in the cricket world, and the Gowin Cricket Shoes are designed to fulfill the desires of younger cricketers. This footwear features a lightweight construction with a long-lasting PVC sole. The upper is crafted from breathable mesh, making sure your feet stay cool and dry. The shoes also come with a cushioned insole for introduced consolation and there is a cushioned ankle with a comfortable grip.


    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Durable PVC sole
    • Cushioned insole
    • Affordable
    • Price 451

4. DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes Under 500:

DSC or in brief Deluxe Sports Company is a reliable name in cricket equipment, and their Beamer Cricket Shoes are a testimony to their dedication to high quality. These shoes feature a lightweight design with a high-traction rubber outsole. The top fabric material is breathable, and the shoes come with a padded tongue and collar for more suitable comfort. The Beamer Cricket Shoes are best for players looking for a balance between performance and affordability.

Advantages:DSC Beamer Cricket Shoes

    • Lightweight design
    • High traction
    • Breathable upper
    • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole material
    • Beamer design
    • Price 699
  1. SS Josh Cricket Shoes:

SS is synonymous with cricket, and their SS Josh Cricket Shoes supply quality at a low price. These footwear are designed with a sturdy rubber sole that offers excellent grip on the pitch. The artificial top is durable and affords enough airflow. With a comfortable suit and fashionable design, the SS Josh is an outstanding choice for budget-conscious players.


    • Durable rubber sole
    • Good ventilation
    • Comfortable fit
    • Comfortable ankle
    • Price 399


To conclude, I would like to restate that finding tremendous cricket shoes under 500 INR is no longer a difficult task. With professional hints, you can now choose from several alternatives that offer awesome performance, durability, and luxury without breaking the money streak. Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, the best cricket shoes could make all the difference in your game. So, lace up and hit the field with self-confidence and enhance your recreation via enhancing your performances with the help of cheap and desirable nice shoes.

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1. Should cricket shoes be tight or loose?

Cricket shoes should be neither too very tight nor too loose, but you should consider comfort, enough movement to wiggle your fingers, and durability of shoes.

2. Can we use football shoes for cricket?

No, you cannot use football shoes for cricket, because using inappropriate shoes can increase the risk of injury and might reduce your performance.

3. Which shoes does Virat Kohli wear?

Virat Kohli is a top-level player. So he prefers the best quality shoes that provide comfort and durability. He has been related to several brands in his profession, most notably Puma.

4. Can I wear running shoes for cricket?

Using running shoes for cricket is not ideal, but can be done in some casual or practice situations.




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