Top 6 Reasons Why Players Opt London Wood Cricket Bat

The London Wood Cricket Bat is a traditional bat of England and these bats are popular for their quality. It is also known as the English willow bat. Apart from this, it is made from the best quality materials. These bats are designed and crafted by skilled and experienced craftsmen. To offer a good and accurate touch to the bats and superior performance, durability, and a classic feel to the players.

Here are some reasons, which experts and senior players suggest. I hope these reasons help you greatly and expand your knowledge about this bat.

1. Perfect shape And Size of London wood cricket bat1. Perfect shape And Size Of London Wood Cricket Bat:-

There are various types of cricket bats available in the market, which are manufactured by different companies in distinct countries However, if you want to raise your batting average in cricket matches, then a London wood cricket bat is advised. Its ideal size and shape offer a distinctive experience and make it simple for batsmen to raise their score average. According to the law of cricket 2017 the length of this cricket bat varies between 33.5 inches to 34.3 inches. A London wood cricket bat can have a maximum length of 38 inches. Despite this, English Willow cricket bats provide you with three distinct sizes. Children’s (33.5 inches), youth (33.5 inches), and adult (34.3 inches).

Moving further, experts suggested that English willow bats have perfect swell depth, edge size, and balanced volume. This allows you to improve your batting techniques with the help of an English Willow cricket bat.

2. Unique Handle Of London Wood Cricket Bat:-Unique Handles of London Wood Cricket Bat

It can be a little bit complicated to choose the ideal bat for you in the world of cricket. Because there are different bats available in the market with different kinds of handles.

However, here are expert recommendations for you. To select the best one, according to them, London wood cricket bats offer you perfect and unique cricket bat handles.

London wood cricket bats have 4-piece handles, which are excellent handles for the batsman and these handles are usually paired with the best quality materials. These handles are long-lasting and maintain their flexibility for a long time. Apart from this, the handles of English Willow cricket bats are oval, which gives a unique experience to batsmen. This type of handle is very tall and slightly narrow. That helps the batsman to play good shots. In contrast, other types of bats have 6-piece or 12-piece handles and these handles are semi-oval in shape, which can be slightly difficult for batsmen to play cover drive or pull shots. Because 6-piece handles have more flexibility as compared to 4-piece handles, and 12-piece handles are thick in size as compared to other bats.

Durability Of London Wood Cricket Bat3. Durability Of London Wood Cricket Bat:-

Despite the high-quality materials, London wood bats are famous for their durability. The reason behind this is that these bats are made with the help of special wood. This is grown only in London. This is known as the Salix Alba species. The Salix Alba wood is very hard and water resistant. Apart from this, the wood of Salix Alba is light in weight and this wood is kept in store under room temperature to maintain its moisture and then this wood is prepared to make cricket bats. This is the only reason these bats can withstand the rigors of regular use, and these bats are the best choice for practice and competitive matches.

Excellent Toe Guard of London wood cricket bat4. London Wood Cricket Bats Have Excellent Toe Guards:-

The durability of the toe of the cricket bat is a major issue in front of the batsman. But this is not a big issue in English willow cricket bats. The London wood cricket bats already have the best and most transparent toe guard. This has increased the durability of the bat. Apart from this, Kashmir willow bats generally break, when they strike with a fast Yorker. Because this type of ball usually hits at the bottom part of the bat. But an English Willow cricket bat can help to ameliorate the risk of the wood breaking at the bottom of the bat.

Aesthetic Appeal of the bat5. Aesthetic Appeal Of The London Wood Cricket Bat:-

London wood cricket bats have dark grain patterns on the flat front. These vertical grains along with the blades are not only a sign of superior wood but also describe its original beauty. Apart from this, the thread binding on the handles with smooth colorful gears, sharpness of the edges, and smoothness of the corners are well crafted by experts. All these things add a unique beauty to the English Willow cricket bat.

6. Finished Touch By Craftsmen:-Finished Touch By Craftsmen

In modern cricket bats, there are various types of loopholes. The main reason for this is the unskilled craftsmen, which creates a disturbance for batsmen while playing. However London wood cricket bats are errorless. These bats are carved by skilled craftsmen, which gives a different look to cricket bats and they last for a long time.

Apart from this, the edges, bottom parts, and blades of English Willow cricket bats are carved by experts. They use advanced pressing techniques and modern tools, which gives them a unique and different identity from other types of bats. Therefore, due to these reasons, English Willow cricket bats have made a strong identity in the world and they remain the favorite choice among batsmen all over the world.

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To conclude, I would like to restate that there are various types of bats available in the market it’s up to you which type of bat suits your personality and batting level, but in this article, I mentioned above top reason, which senior players give to help young players. I hope these reasons help you a lot when you plan to buy a new cricket bat and in times of confusion, these reasons help you a lot.


1. Is Kashmir willow bats better than English willow?

Well, the Kashmir willow bat is not better than English willow bats, because the durability of Kashmir willow bat is low as compared to English willow bats and the hitting capacity of Kashmir willow is also not good.

2. Do London wood bats need knocking?

English willow cricket bats do not require knocking, because the raw materials of these bats are pressed and carved with the help of modern machines, which enhance their hitting power.

3. Is grade-2 English Willow good?

Definitely yes, it is very good for batsmen it is not only cheap but also good in quality. However, it is not as good as the London wood cricket bat but you can notice some similarities in grade-1 and grade-2 English willow bat.

4. Where are London wood cricket bats manufactured?

English Willow cricket bats are manufactured in Portsmouth city in England. Salix Alba wood is used as a raw material in the manufacturing of English willow bats.

5. Why are English willow bats so Expensive?

English willow bats are very expensive because the quality of the wood is very good and it is light in weight. Besides this, there is a very high demand for London wood cricket bats in the market, and the supply of bats is low compared to the demand. So, due to these reasons, the cost of English willow bats is very high.

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